Regretably we were forced to leave the league this year due to lack of players.

Please can all clubs forward any communication that would normally go to John
Mason the MDL Secretary to Ken Brenchley who is now temporary undertaking
the duties of MDL Secretary 

 MOTIONS for Presentation to the 2016 AGM From the M.D.L. Committee

5a) Plus Rule 6e).
Motion 1
a. The affairs of the League including the financesshall be conducted by a Management
 Committee consisting of:-
The President
The Vice-President
The Immediate Past President
The Secretary
The Treasurer
The Results Secretary
The Competitions Secretary
The Match Secretary.
Plus three 3 elected members

RULE 11d)

Motion 2
d) A Registered League Player shall not play any M.D.L. match or competition for more than one Club in any one season. The playing of an un-registered Player in any Team in a League match will mean a deduction of up to fourteen (14) points and 50 (fifty) shots from the offending Clubs total for each Match where the default is found at the discretion of the Management Committee. Any points scored by the non-offending Team in the Match/Matches will be retained.
RULE 11e)

            Motion 3  
e) A League Club with Twenty-Four (24) Men Members or lower may apply annually to theLeague for dispensation to play Ladies in their League Team. They must be registered as Rule11a. Affiliated Lady Members (A.L.M) must be fully paid members of their club. Only one A.L.M. to play per rink.  County Badged Players are not eligible to play. A.L.M. may play in league games only, and may not feature in M.D.L games as stated in Rule 10. M.D.L. male members must be selected to play if available. The number of A.L.Ms allowed to be restricted to bring the players up to 25. When male players at the club reach 25 in number A.L.Ms. are no longer allowed to play Dispensation ends. This dispensation will not apply to Clubs entering more than 1 Team in the Leagues.
RULE 11f)

Motion 4 
  f)  Where a club has registered more than one team in the league, a player registered for a higher-ranking team may not play for the lower-ranking team, but a player registered for a lower-ranking team can only play a total of 6 (six) times as a substitute per season. No more than 6 substitutions per team permitted in any one match. All such substitutions must be clearly marked on the results card. Any player who plays more than six times will be treated as unregistered as per Rule11d for each occasion.
RULE 11h)

Motion 5
h)  Where Two(2) or more Teams from the same Club are in the same Division, the Club must
nominate the ‘Higher Ranking Team/Teams’ and inform the League before the beginning of the Season, and the substitutions Rule as in 11 (f) will then apply. The Two (2) Matches between Teams from the same Club in the same Division must be played before 30th June.  If not it will be deemed to have been played and both teams to score zero points.
RULE 11i)

Motion 6
i) Each team in the League shall consist of a minimum of Sixteen (16) registered Players in it. Matches shall consist of Twenty-One (21) ends (with shots counting on each end except where the end is ‘tied’). In the event of the Umpire and/or the Green-Keeper (or in their absence the 2 Captains) deciding that no play or further play is possible, Matches in which the total number of ‘ends played’ equals or exceed Fifty-Two (52) will be deemed to have been completed, and the scores will stand. lf the total number of ‘ends played’ is less than Fifty-Two (52) the Match will be declared void, and will be re-played at a later date. Should a Player in a League Match be injured or taken ill during a game, a ‘line’ should be drawn across that Rinks score-card, and the remaining ends played 3 v 4 Players, with the ‘Lead’ and ‘No.2’ Players in the ‘short of numbers rink’ playing with 3 woods. At the end of the game the total ‘shots scored’ below the ‘line’ should have 25% deducted, and this total added to the shots scored above the ‘line’ to give final total for the game. ln the aforementioned circumstance the players using 3 woods (Lead and No.2) may
use woods from a ‘different set’ if the Team knows prior to a Match that it will be playing with less than 16 Players, the Players using 3 woods must use wood from the ‘same set’. Illness or injury during a Singles, Pairs or Triples match will mean the match is abandoned (regardless of ends played) and if possible replayed at a later date.
RULE 11 p)

  Motion 7

p) Dress code. All Players in All MidDevon League and Competitions Matches shall wear ‘White’ above the waist or Bowls Devon approved Club Shirts / Strip, players may wear tailored shorts in correct colours, players shall be dressed as a team. White water - proofs may also be worn.
q) Cards will kept as per Bowls England Rules,Unless there is a ‘Marker appointed.
Rule 11m)

 Motion 8
m).The result card is the responsibility ofthe home team, to ensure it is correctly completed and returned to the resultssecretary within 5 three postal days after the match.
Rule 11 j)

Motion 9

h)     Once Clubs have agreed fixtures before the start of the Season, the fixture list must be sent to the League & Results Secretary. Teams may alter these fixtures by mutual agreement with the opponents. The results secretary must be informed of any rearranged games before the original play date by the home team,  but otherwise the agreed dates are expected to be honoured, and should only be changed in extreme circumstances. If however a written complaint is received by the Management Committee Secretary within 48 hours of the notification of a postponement of fixture. The MDL Secretary shall inform the “defaulting Club” Secretary/Representative that such a complaint has been received, and provide a copy of the substance of the complaint. The ‘defaulting Club’ should be invited to explain the reasons for their requested Postponement and present to the Management Committee any mitigating circumstances that led to the postponement request. The ‘defaulting Club’ should reply within 1 week (7 days) from the receipt of the notification, when the Management Committee shall meet to consider all the circumstances involved, and after deliberation, has the power to deduct up to 10 League Points from the ‘offending Side’ The match will still need to be played.


M.D.L. Management

August 16th 2016