Over 55's League Table


AGM of South Devon Over 55’s Triples League

The above AGM will take place at the Torquay Bowling Club on Saturday 22nd   October 2016 at 10.00am.

Please make sure that there is a representative (or 2) at the meeting.

An agenda is attached and if you have any items you wish to be included please let me know.

There are two very important matters:-

    A possible change to the league rules to try to make it clearer as to what should happen should a team turn up with a player short. The proposal is as follows:-

3.6 Should one side turn up with a player short then the non-offending side can have the option to either:-
    i) Ask for the game to be rearranged.
    ii) Play the game with only two players in one of the sides where the side with only two players would lose 30% of their final score and the players on the two side would have 3 bowls each and the players on the three side would have 2 bowls each.

There is also a suggestion that the finals day would be more exciting if instead of a semi-final and then a final and 3rd and 4th playoffs, that all division winners play each other in a round robin of say the 3 games of 12 end each game.

Please make sure that this information gets to the right person in your club.

Yours sincerely

Dale Carlton
Hon Sec