Competition Results 2015


Winner of the Umbrella


Brian Melhuish


Mixed Triples:

Winners:           P Nicholson P. Campbell, R Livett

Runners-up:   J. Parsons, L. Flanagan, G. Yarham


Mixed Pairs:

Winners:  P Campbell, P. Babbage(not present)

Runners-up:            P Upton, P Nicholson


Ladies Championship:

 Winner – P Campbell

 Runner-up – L Dedman(not present)


Ladies Handicap: 

Winner - S Yarham

Runner-up - P Campbell


Ladies Unbadged:

Winner – P Campbell with Runner up S. Yarham


Ladies 2 Wood:

Winner – P Campbell

Runner-up – L Dedman(not present)


Ladies Pairs:

Winners – J Combstock, L Dedman( not present)

Runners-up – L Flanagan, D Melhuish


Men’s Championship:

Winner – J Parsons

Runner-up – G Mahoney(not present)


Men’s 2 Wood:

Winner – P Nicholson

Runner-up – G Yarham


Men’s Handicap:

Winner – G Mahoney(not present)

Runner-up – S Wilson


Men’s Pairs:

Winners – S Wilson, G Mahoney(not present)


Men’s Triples:

Winners –P.Nicholson, S Wilson, D. Beecham

Runners-up – R.Livett, S Greenwood, C.Pocock(not present)


Most Improved Player

John White