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1] Matches to be played on a Wednesday morning commencing at 10 am (starting with 2 trial ends)

2] Two teams of triples lady players

3] A game to consist of eighteen ends (tea and biscuits to be taken mid game)

4] Aggregate score of the two rinks to produce a winner, (2 points for each winning rink and 2 points for winning team).

5] The number of points scored per club to be aggregated and the club with the most points will be deemed to be top of the league.


The least experienced members of the club to be chosen as follows:

a] Those ladies who do not play in a league team and players from a club’s only league team.

b] Where clubs have two teams in the SDL, those who play in the B team are eligible.

c] In addition, a maximum of one County Badged player or one registered “A” team player would be eligible per match (if required to make up the numbers).

d] Dress: grey with club shirts or white shirts (all players to wear the same).


i] A central grid (fixture programme) to be produced and sent to team organisers

ii] Matches to be played mid-May to the end of August

The autumn of 2017 is the time for a tighter format arrangement if necessary.  The experiences of playing two seasons will help to determine the arrangements for 2018.