19th May 2019


The Den’s Over 55 X Division team got off to a good start to the season with two wins and a draw from their first three matches.  First up was away to Abbrook Park and the Den won by 37 shots to 29.  U Previati, B Bray and M Allcorn lost 17 – 20 but S Greenwood, J Blackham and N Murgatroyd won 20 – 9.  6 pts to the Den, 2 pts to Abbrook Park.

The second match was at home to Bovey Tracey which the Den won by 44 shots to 31.  U Previati, B Bray and M Allcorn won by 21 – 13 and S Greenwood, J Blackham and N Murgatroyd won 23-18.  All 8 pts to the Den. 

Their third outing was at home to Newton Abbot which resulted in a draw 37 shots each.  U Previati, B Bray and M Allcorn won 22-21 but G Clatworthy, J Blackham and N Murgatroyd lost 15 – 16.  4 pts to the Den, 4 pts to Newton Abbot.

The Den has played several friendly matches.  On 5 May they were at home to Pinces Gardens from Exeter and won by 75 shots to 62.  J Flinn, T Butt, C Pocock and M Flinn lost 14 – 20.  C Mitchell, P Mills, M Murgatroyd and N Murgatroyd won 18 – 16.  M Palmer, S Wilson, M Tose and P Campbell won 20 – 18.  U Previati, F Simpson, B Bray and M Allcorn won 23 – 8. 

Last Sunday the Den travelled to Tiverton West End and lost a triples match by 74 shots to 91 despite winning on three of the five rinks.  B Beecham, U Previati and M Murgatroyd won 17 – 15.  C Mitchell, M Tose and M Allcorn won 16 – 14. C  Smith, C Potter and N Murgatroyd won 22 – 20.  M Everard, E Hayles and B Hayles lost 6 – 20 and E Tose, B Bray and J Blackham lost 13 – 22. 

On Tuesday the Den played at Abbrook Park and lost by 60 shots to 90.  M Palmer, M Everard, U Previati and N Murgatroyd won 19 – 17.  G Clatworthy, J Hearn, J Blackham and B Hayles lost 13- 21.  P Babbage, P Mills, S Wilson and M Murgatroyd lost 16 – 23.  M Tose, E Tose, B Bray and P Campbell lost 12 – 29. 

On Saturday the Den received a visit from Tavistock and lost by 73 shots to 89.  G Clatworthy, M Everard, B Bray and P Campbell lost 13 – 22.  C Mitchell, F Simpson, J Blackham and M Murgatroyd won 16 – 8.  P Babbage, L Previati, B Hayles and N Murgatroyd lost 13 – 22.  M Palmer, E Tose, P Mills and M Allcorn lost 15 – 20.  M Tose, P Gilpin, E Hayles and S Wilson drew 16 all.

The club would welcome new members and for more information please telephone 01626 774407 or visit the website at www.denbowlingclub.co.uk