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                                                                                                           Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Dear all

MDL Competitions – Rules Clarification

At the recent AGM the Committee were asked to review the arrangements and procedures for the MDL Competitions. This was in response to a member reaching more than one final and the Competition Secretary not being willing to extend the MDL finals day beyond the stated date. After considerable discussion it was decided that the statements in the Rules and Constitution are correct.

However it was also decided that we should provide some clarification to those statements for the avoidance of doubt in the future:

i)             All MDL Finals (singles, pairs, triples and MDL Cup) will be played on MDL Finals Day. There will be no exceptions to this.

ii)             Under no circumstances will the MDL Finals Day be extended beyond the date set as per the Rules and Constitution (R&C 10j) of the second Saturday in September. If the Finals day is cancelled then prize money will be split equally between the qualifying teams/players.

iii)             If a player reaches the semi-final of the MDL Cup and another final then they will have to decide prior to the start of Finals Day which competition they are going to compete in. They cannot leave this decision until the outcome of the MDL Cup semi-final is decided. Note that substitutes for the pairs and triples are as per R&C 10h and must be considered. That is, if a substitute has already been used in the pairs or triples then another one will not be allowed for the final. No substitutes are allowed for the singles. In the MDL Cup this is a team selected from the registered members of a club side (i.e. A, B, etc.) and substitutes are allowed as per R&C 11, on Finals Day the selected team(s) for a club must be made known to the Competition Secretary prior to the start of play. The team members may be changed only if this is due to illness.

iv)             If a player reaches two finals out of the singles, pairs and triples then one of these final will be played in the morning coinciding with the MDL Cup semi-final. The other will be played in the afternoon starting at the same time as the MDL Cup final. Which final is played in the morning and which is played in the afternoon will be decided by the Competition Secretary.

v)             In future no extensions to play by dates for any of the Competitions will be granted and to avoid blame being put upon one team or the other both teams will be disqualified from the competition. Also those taking part in the pairs and triples in each round must advise the Competition Secretary who has played in that round.

vi)             Note that a substitute having played in either a pairs or triples game may not play in the same competition for another team. However the originally named player who was substituted may play in future rounds of that competition with his designated team.

We trust that the above clarifies the Rules and Constitution sufficiently to adequately prevent a repetition of the last years’ Finals Day.

If there are any comments please reply to me via the MDL Secretary, Ken Brenchley.



Yours faithfully.


Ian Wookey

Competition Secretary