Annual General Meeting of the South Devon Over 55 Triples League 2019

Some of the more salient points from the meeting;

With immediate effect our treasurer has stood down from his post. We therefore have a vacancy for this position. I would urge all clubs/members to consider this very important position which should remain independent of the Secretary and Chair. I will be happy to discuss the vacancy with anyone who is interested.

As I write, we also still have a vacancy in “X” Division for a team. This was raised at the AGM and the Secretary reminded those present that under Rule 1.1 a Club may only submit two teams to the league. This remains the case. So this appeal is to the remaining clubs with one team to consider submitting a second team to the league. If you are in one of those Clubs and wish to enter a second team, please contact myself.

Finally, some dates for your diaries;

2020 Final       Venue: Brixham St Mary’s BC, 10:00am on Wednesday 16th September 2020

2020 AGM       Venue: Babbacombe BC, 10:00am on Saturday 10th October 2020

2021 Final       Venue: Torquay (Belgrave) BC, 10:00am on Wednesday 15th September 2021

Thank you for your attention

Mike Russell – Secretary, South Devon Over 55 Triples League

Tel:      01626 832001  Mob:    07932 471397




                          SOUTH DEVON OVER 55's TRIPLES LEAGUE


   1.             FORMAT

1.1                 The Over 55’s League shall consist of Divisions and the games will be played on Outdoor Greens in the Summer  Any South Devon Bowling Club may apply to enter teams in the League but the maximum number of teams entered by a Club is 2. Teams from the same club in the same division shall be identified by a letter suffix, e.g. ‘A’ . Each team shall consist of two triples of male players.

1.2                 The League Divisions will be identified by a letter prefix e.g. V,W,X,Y. The maximum number of teams per division will be ten  and  the formation of the teams into the divisions will be approved at the AGM.

1.3                 The divisions will be separate and equal thus there will be no promotion or relegation.

1.4                 A Finals Day will be arranged at the completion of the League programme and will consist of a play-off between the winners of the divisions. Semi finals will be played in the morning and the final and 3rd and 4th playoffs in the afternoon. Substitute players are allowed in the afternoon session. Before the start of any game the clubs will be asked to nominate which triple would play if a sudden death end had to be played as a result of a tied game. In order to keep games flowing then two’s will be requested not to be up.

         2                     PLAYERS

2.1           Prior to the opening of the summer season, each club will appoint a Team Organiser for each participating team and the organiser will supply a list of players (together with his own telephone number and E-mail address) to the League Secretary for registration. Player must have reached the age of 55 prior to the 1st April preceding the season. Additional registrations may be made during the season direct with the League Secretary

2.2           A player who is registered to play in a team which is in the top division of another league will be eligible to play in this league under the circumstances below.

2.3           Any Club that has a team in the top division of another league may register a maximum of four players (to be identified when registering) from that team to furnish a 0/55 triples team. Only Two such players may participate in any match (one per triple) but not playing as skip, their names being underlined on the scorecard.

2.4           Contravention of the above 2.3 will incur a penalty whereby in any instance 8 points and 10 shots will be awarded to the non-offending opponents.

2.5           Should any player become ill during a game and be unable to continue, a substitute may be used, but not as ‘skip’. Any such substitute must be a registered player for that team. If no registered substitute for that team is available then the Team Organisers shall determine whether---

 (a) rule 4.2 be invoked,

 (b) the match be rearranged inaccordance with rule 3.3 or

 (c) the match is abandoned and the points are shared as in rule 4.3

          3.             FIXTURES

3.1                 A fixture list compiled by the League Secretary will be sent to each  Club Secretary  in good time for that club to enter them into their overall fixture list.

3.2                 Matches start at 10am on a Wednesday as shown on the fixture list, or not later than 11am if mutually agreed between the two teams. Failure of a team to be on the Green to start a match within 30 minutes of the agreed start time shall incur penalties as in rule 4.4

3.3                 Where matches are postponed without any play the Home Team Organiser must offer their opposite number three alternative dates within 48 hours of the postponement. Matches must be played within 21 days of the original date but all matches must be completed 7 days before the finals day otherwise they cannot be included in the final league table.

3.4                 Where a match has been started and illness or bad weather intervenes, if a total of 28 ends or more have been played then the match shall end and the scores at the last completed end shall stand as the result. If the completed ends are less than 28 then the Team Organisers shall agree to rearrange the match according to rule 3.3 or agree to share the points as in rule 4.3.

3.5                 The Home Team Organiser  will ensure that the properly completed Result Card is sent forthwith to the League Secretary. The match scorecards shall be retained by each Club in case of an inquiry

         4              POINTS ALLOCATION

4.1           Points shall be awarded as follows:

-two (2)  points  for a winning triple

-one (1) point for each team in a drawn triples

-four (4) points for the match winner based on the aggregate score

-two (2)  point for each team if the aggregate scores are equal.

4.2           If a total of 28 ends or more have been played before an event listed in Rules 2.5, or 3.4 occurs the match shall end and the score at the last completed end shall stand.

4.3           If team organisers agree to share the points then 4 points will be awarded to each team with 0 shots recorded.

4.4           When a team fails to appear at a scheduled match for any reason , 8 points and 10 shots shall be awarded to the opposing team. The defaulting team shall score 0 points and 10 shots against.

4.5           Should infringements to these rules be discovered at any time during the season the penalties may be imposed retrospectively.

         5                     FINANCE

5.1                 The financial year shall run from 1st October to the 30th  September the following year.

5.2                 The subscription to the League,  per team, shall be determined at the AGM and will be payable prior to the beginning of the season.

         6                     ORGANISATION

6.1                 The AGM of the League shall be held soon after the end of the financial year.

6.2                 The League Committee will consist of a Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer who will be appointed at the AGM to run the league.

6.3                 Any Notice of Motion for the AGM must reach the League Secretary, in writing, at least fourteen days prior to the date of the meeting.

6.4                 The Committee will meet as and when as required and may co-opt a member or members onto the Committee.

6.5                 In the event of a dispute the matter will be decided by the Committee  (unless their Club is involved, when a representative of another Club will deputise) and the decision shall be final and binding.

6.6                 Any alteration to these Rules shall be made only at the AGM in accordance with Rule 6.3.

6.7                 A Special General Meeting of the League may be called by the Committee on receipt of a written motion by the Secretaries of three clubs.

6.8                  Such a meeting will be held not less than fourteen days or more than twenty one days from receipt of the motion, which shall be the only business of the meeting.

6.9                 Votes on motions will be on the basis of one vote per club and a simple majority will suffice

Revised   October 2012 




The league is established in order to give opportunity for bowlers who do not normally play in league games to obtain experience of competitive bowling.

These rules are adopted on the basis they provide sufficient guidance to enable Team Organizers to complete the League Programme, using their initiative where necessary, and remembering that bowls should be played in a friendly and sporting manner.